Sarcasm = Disconnection!

Sarcasm minimizes the feelings. That is the reflection of the day! Some people believe that sarcasm is just a way of being funny but what they fail to understand is that when you are using sarcasm, you are minimizing the other person’s feelings. Normally, there is a connotation on sarcasm that is negative. Many people use sarcasm to be able to express feelings that they are usually not able to express because either they’re at work or they don’t have integrity and the way that they’re doing it is by being vague and using the techniques of sarcasm. Some people say, ‘Well can’t you just take a joke?’ If somebody can’t take a joke and that joke actually hurts them, then the other person needs to understand that those are feelings that you cannot argue with. You can’t argue with feelings that are personal and extremely individualized. So the next time that you are thinking of using sarcasm, I would like you to think of what I’m sharing with you on this podcast. Let’s reflect on that! Do you really want to be sarcastic and know that you are hurting someone’s feelings and just ignore that or do you want to understand what the ultimate goal is that you are trying to accomplish? Because if it is the connection, it isn’t possible to connect with sarcasm. Sarcasm hurts and the words are powerful. People that use sarcasm a lot are using words to cause pain. Let’s,reflect, reset and reconnect.

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