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Reconstrucción después de discusión
Reconstruction right after destruction. That is the reflection of the day! I was reflecting on a little argument that I had with my daughter last night. It was something silly but it really triggered me. One of the areas that I have been working on in my parenting is the ability to be able to reconstruct as soon as possible after an argument with my daughter. What I realized is that I’ve been blessed to have that wisdom because I have been able to create a beautiful connection, a strong connection with my daughter that can sustain arguments because the time that I am taking to reconstruct is a lot less. I want you to reflect on that. How many times do you let your ego take over because you want to be right? Sometimes we leave it because they are our children and we don’t wanna show them what we think is a sign of weakness when you say I’m sorry sometimes or when you say I was wrong and I acted irrational or I need to really find a way to work on that. You’re actually teaching your children a lesson that it’s ok that you’re imperfect and that you’re working on yourself. That the energy goes on focusing on being a better version of yourself. Therefore, you’re showing your children that they can do the same. This translates into every relationship that we have whether it’s with our spouses, children, brothers, sisters, cousin, business relationship or friends. The ego gets in the way and destroys so much. We even see it in politics. We see it in the world. At this time, the ego is destroying possibilities and connection. So don’t let your ego continue to destroy your connections. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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