Protecting your silence is like cancer to the soul

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Protecting your silence is like cancer to the soul
Protecting your silence is like cancer to the soul that is the reflection of the day I am reflecting on a meeting that I had with a friend someone someone that I’ve gotten to know almost a year and it’s someone that I met and never thought that I would develop this friendship and today was a very powerful meeting I realize that sometimes actually I would say most of the time we do not know people and we do not know their story or their pain people find a way of protecting the silence of their darkness and I was thinking reflecting so much when I came back to my office from that meeting how we all keep quiet and we will keep silence on stories that are dark and painful in our lives without realizing that the more we keep them and we locked them up and don’t share the stories the more we are going to be destroyed inside is like I’m saying cancer to the soul and I know personally because I realized for a long time how I could not tell anyone that I was raped at the age of nice that my father was the one that gave me to this men that destroyed my innocence that destroyed my childhood that caused so much pain throughout the years of my life and even as I was healing myself and going through this process the last thing that I ended up doing actually was talking about openly that was for me the last piece of the puzzle That’s when the doors of freedom to my life opened up when I started fully disclosing the story and being okay with this story it actually became a story and it didn’t matter who was going to judge me for it and writing my book I realized now it was it took this freedom to another level because in my book I shared I shared everything the good the bad the ugly the beautiful the dark the light of it because I’ve gotten to a place where I understand that being judge it’s okay because the person that’s judging me it’s someone that already has a lot of issues because they don’t understand that they’re broken as well we are all broken Souls trying to repair and we will continue to repair ourselves throughout our whole life until the day we die and the goal at least me is that I have less and less to repair But ultimately there’s always something to be repaired but that fear of being judged lock the silence for so many people and people give you a facade of who they are but ultimately if you look deep inside it’s there the pain is you can see it you can feel it and I am so I consider myself somebody so in touch with that I can feel energy and I can feel people pein even when they’re putting a facade and I think I think it is because I going through this journey of really really digging deep inside my soul and trying to heal and i see soule that are so broken and when they come to me and they actually tell me you’re the first person that knows this and today happened to me that’s why I’m reflecting because this happens so much to me and I take it as a privilege and an honor that people are Willing to break the Silence with me and I think they’re willing to break the silence because I have broken the silence and I am authentic authenticity open for everyone to see me the good the Bad and the Ugly and the Beautiful and everything is out there for people to see and people get drown to that because of what I’m saying here people protect their stories with silence and the more you protect it the more it would eat you piece by piece and thats depression that’s what people get depressed because they are afraid to talk they’re afraid to tell their story and their pain just because they’re afraid to be judge today i am asking you for love and kindness for the world and when you see someone that is being mean or is homeless or is going through outrage and there is you don’t understand what is happening to them just understand that everyone has a story to be told and some stories are dark and painful let’s reflect, reset and reconnect

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