Personal honesty!

Personal honesty!
Personal honesty. That is the reflection of the day. So, personal honesty is a concept that I just heard and it’s quite interesting because it talks about how the past creates certain needs and certain fears that we carry over in our lives throughout this journey. For example, I will give you an example with me. I know that I suffer from abandonment because my mom, at the age of eight as I mentioned before came to the United States and she left me. I have this abandonment issue that I have been dealing with for a long time and I’ve realized because I really want to figure out the actions that I’m taking. How is it that I am bringing my past into my present. So, for me, what is done is that I have stayed in relationships that have been unhealthy for me because I have a hard time leaving. The void of leaving, it brings up, it’s like touching a wound and just hitting it if I leave because I feel this abandonment even if it’s me that’s making the decision. I have stayed in relationships because I’ve been afraid that they’re going to leave me and I have put up with so much because I’ve been afraid that they’re going to leave. So how did I change that? I became aware that I was doing this because the need and the fear was creating this toxic environment for my life and was painful. So, I want you to understand and go back to your past and get curious and become aware of how some of your past and this is where honesty comes up. You got to be honest. You got to be honest with your past. How were your parents, how were you treated? Where did you live? What effect did your environment have on you? You start getting curious and you start making changes. Awareness is power. As I said in a previous podcast, awareness is power. Be curious. Don’t just be living an average life. You need to feel your past and understand it so that you can move on to better things in life. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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