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One thing we could do when we are feeling overwhelmed
One thing that we can do when we feel overwhelmed. So today was a very, very intense day for me. Lately, in my medical center, we have been doing many COVID tests due to the spike in COVID as I have said in other podcasts. We are experiencing a crazy amount of people that are being tested and I’ve been so disconnected with everything else in the business but the COVID testing which includes the time that I am giving people that might need to speak with me and I have stopped really meeting with anyone that wants to meet with me because I am totally focused on helping with the COVID testing. But today, somehow, I had someone that had asked me if he could meet with me and I don’t know why I actually made the time for this person. I got the biggest gift from that meeting. Number one slowed me down and I connected with this individual in a very profound way. I connected to his pain. This person has gone through so much in the past few years and I was blown away when I heard him tell me his story and I had met him and I never would have imagined that story. I connected to his pain but I also had an opportunity to connect to his strength. Ant the gift of emotions that I felt and the way that I stopped everything and thinking of everything but just connecting to him, to his pain. It was beautiful. I felt this man’s pain and I felt that this is something that he needed. I felt his energy. This is a good man that’s gone through so much and I was so thankful that he actually reached out and that through the connection that I had with him at that moment I was able to stop an overwhelmed feeling that I had and just be human and connect. Connect with this individual that needed a connection. That is why, you know, today I’m sharing this reflection with you because I know that especially through COVID and what is happening now, we are all stressed out and overwhelmed and overworked in many cases. What I found is that to stop and reflect and reset with an individual and connect, it is a way of actually decreasing the stress and the overwhelmedness. For me, it worked out exactly like that. After that meeting, my afternoon was full of gentleness and calmness. Busy still but it was still with gentleness and calmness. So today, I invite you to reflect on this and take a look at the connections that you’re missing because you’re feeling overwhelmed and just stop and connect with someone. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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