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No one builds or destroys your life
No one builds or destroys your life. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I want to concentrate on speaking about victims. How many people become victims of their past in the present. No matter what the relationship, whether it is with their parents, spouses, bosses or friends, they find themselves being victims in those relationships. They feel that everyone is at fault for their lives. If they’re not living a good life, it is because of their parents or the husband or the friend. Everyone seems to be working against them. For example, with our parents, our parents make a lot of mistakes and we feel that when we end up making a lot of mistakes with our children, it is their fault. But we tend to forget that, ultimately, it is in OUR power to change and take over our lives. To construct and not destroy it! It is not the responsibility of our parents or those people that have brought you so much negativity and so much pain. Believe me, I know. I’ve lived through it. For many years, I was blaming my mom and, obviously, my father (If many of you know my story) but there was a point where I decided, “No more!” I am not blaming anyone because, at this moment, it is me that is making the decisions. I am deciding who to give my power to! I took my power away from all those people and took it back for me. So I’m asking you to reflect on how you feel. Do you feel like a victim or do you feel that you have learned to not give your power; taking back your life? Reconstruct your life, do not destroy it! Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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