Nastiness equals unhappiness

Nastiness equals unhappiness
Nastiness equals unhappiness. That is the reflection of today. How many times do we see people that are so angry and so out of control and we react to them? Sometimes, we actually join them in anger. I have two reflections today. When you are angry and you are screaming, you are out of control. It is obvious that your heart is in turmoil. So I’m always thinking when I meet people that are angry and just out of control and I look at them with sadness. Because no one wants to be out of control. It’s not a good feeling. It is not physically and emotionally a good feeling. The reflections that I have today are from when you are screaming at someone or you start being nasty, you need to go back. Go back and reflect deep in your soul, what the heck is going on? Because when you are in centeredness and in happiness, it is almost impossible to be nasty. You learn to have patience, learn to sympathize and you learn to understand. The person that is yelling is a person that is completely in the dark. You get to react differently. So when you are the screamer or whether you are the person that joins the one that is being nasty, there is a lot of reflecting to do. I have had so many teachers. I called them my teachers throughout the years. I thanked them because I learned through those people. I have one person in particular I am thinking about. This person that obviously had an agenda to hurt me. Thinking to myself, “I’m just going to combat the nastiness with me getting to be better than ever at interacting and preparing myself for whatever interaction I had with this person in front of other people. When one is attacking you that person is not in control. So I want you to reflect with me today that the times that you are being nasty to a family member and people in the street, realize that they’re not the problem. Because even if there is an incident that is affecting you, it is your responsibility to act in a civil way. We are seeing this. Unfortunately, there are so many people going at each other. So much anger is out there and it is so out of control out there. It is unhappiness and frustration that is causing that. Today, when you go out there, I want you to take control of your actions because between the space of an action is a reaction. Getting ready to react. That is where you can take action. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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