Monday’s blues! How to find joy even on a Monday.

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Monday’s blues! How to find joy even on a Monday.
How to find joy every day of your life. That is a reflection of the day. Today is a Monday. One thing that I know is that for most people, Monday is a day where your energy is usually depleted and you have a hard time adjusting to the beginning of the week coming out of the weekend. When you’re somebody that normally has a hard time finding joy everyday, Monday is the day that becomes a gloomy day. So today, this reflection came about because of me asking someone, “How are you feeling?” and she said to me, “What do you think, it is Monday! I have no energy and I am just not happy to be here.” Unfortunately, that answer is very common and I said to her, “Let me give you a little tip. I’m actually full of joy today because what I do is, every single day but especially on a Monday, I like to plan something at the end of the day that is going to bring me a lot of joy. Those plans for the afternoon actually give me joy throughout the day. For example, today on Mondays, I have my daughter so I like to plan something with her, whether it is going out to dinner with her after her piano lessons or doing an activity with her where I am going to be connecting with her. So today, I am going to take her to the bridge. The Tappan Zee Bridge for those of you that are listening to this and are not from the area or the Cuomo Bridge, they have actually opened a pathway for bikes and for people that want to go walking across the bridge. So this afternoon, I plan to bring my daughter to go walking across the bridge and enjoy the different stations that they have created where they give you the history of the bridge. Where you can sit down and just enjoy the beautiful nature that you are surrounded by, including the water and relax with my girl. That’s already bringing me joy. So my reflection with you is how do you plan your day? Do you plan times for Joy? Because if you don’t, doing that little step, that little sun bite as I call it, can help you make the day more joyful. So I’m inviting you to find joy every day of your life because it is an opportunity that you have been given. You have the privilege to open your eyes and have an opportunity to enjoy the day. Guess what? There are so many people whose opportunity is over. Let’s reflect,reset and reconnect.

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