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Life brings you surprises, surprises brings your life!
Life brings you surprises, surprises bring you life. That is the reflection of the day. This is a song that is in Spanish and some of you might have heard it. I think most people have heard of Celia Cruz and Celia Cruz has a song that says, “La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida ay dios!” That is one of my favorite songs. I love to sing it. Although I can’t really sing well, nevertheless, I like to sing. But in addition to that I love to dance. That song is such a happy song and today, as I’m sitting in my office reflecting on the day and I just received an email from a Senator that I invited to the book launch and the movement that is happening this thursday, this is the YoDigoNoMas. For those of you that don’t know me, it’s a social movement that I am starting as part of a legacy that I will be leaving for the Next Generation to take it on and finish it. Finish breaking the cycle. That vicious cycle that is destroying our Latino Community but in addition to that I have the book #YoDIgoNoMas, #I Say No More that I’m launching this thursday. In addition to that I have the mission of Forme Medical Center and Urgent Care which is a center dedicated to the Latino Community very focused on the uninsured Community especially the undocumented population. We do mission work here. So I realized, as I’m sitting here and everything is booming at the same time and when I was in the beginning of this journey in Forme, the medical center and beginning the journey of #Yodigonomas, I look at how everything was slowly taking place. But I never imagined that everything would explode at the same time. Everything is booming. My business is growing. We are extremely busy. Blessed to be this busy. Not complaining at all. But people are also recognizing the movement. People are acknowledging this is something needed and something extremely special which will make an impact world wide. It will impact millions of people and I am ready. I am ready to be that voice. I see how everything is intertwined. All of my missions have come together and today I thought of this song because it is a surprise that all of it is taking place at the same time. Every area of my life is being touched. It’s being touched in a beautiful way. Wow, I am sitting in the river of greatness and gratefulness at this moment. Even just doing this podcast, I was looking at the views of how many people and how many times people have listened to my podcast since I started. I remember it was 20 people at the beginning and now I am up to close to 4000 times people have listened to my podcast. Wow, I’m just sitting in this space of gratefulness and I wanted to share with you. This is my message to you. Are you expecting surprises that are negative surprises, that are made of fear because I do recall when I lived, for so many years, in this anxious world. My world, my mind was an anxious world. Everything I expected was negative and then, I started to switch it. I started through the power of affirmation, positive affirmation. I started to switch it and I took on and I decided at some point that I was going to have a different state of mind. A different state of mind that I was going to be positive. Little by little, it switched. So the surprises that I’ve been waiting for throughout the years have always turned out to be positive because my mind is waiting for something good to happen, not something bad to happen. I’ve been for the past, I would say five years, just waiting for great stuff to happen and affirming all this greatness. All these things that are going to impact people because I realized that that is the legacy that I will leave impacting the world. So I want you to be careful and be aware of what surprises you are waiting for. Are they negative or positive? If they’re negative then, realize that you can change these negative surprises for positive ones. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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