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Una cura para las almas rotas
Medicine for the broken soul. That is the reflection of the day. I have created a habit every morning of listening to a Pastor and finding the way to spiritually connect with God through the messages that are coming to me everyday. Because we get up every morning and we might say or I always say, “Thank you God for giving me another day” and I could pray the lord’s prayer. You do it in a few minutes and that is it. There’s no real reflection. So I’m trying to, as I love to reflect in many areas of my life and of the areas that I’ve been really working on. It is the reflections that are reflections of spiritual connection to my God. The message that the Pastor was delivering today was about us and how we are all broken. We are all broken souls. Some more than others. It was about judging. This is something that I actually had a conversation with my daughter about recently. I was talking about not judging people because we are no one to judge. If you look at it, the more you judge, the more broken you are. Because when you are at peace with your soul, you don’t want to judge. Judging is not part of the equation. Even if you judge, because sometimes it’s easy, I think it’s human nature that we are judging how someone is doing something. What action they took or what action they didn’t take. The key thing is that the soul is at peace and the spiritual connection judges less and less. That is the food for the soul. For the broken soul not to judge, but to love and respect. The people that are hurting you, those people that you really are judging and angry at, those are the people that you have to just send love and kindness to. Because that same love and kindness that you’re sending into the universe, into those people that actually need it, will come back to you as broken souls. That’s what we are. Some more than others. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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