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Let’s break the vicious cycle and create a better generation
Let’s break the vicious cycle and create a better generation. That is the reflection of the day. There is a book that I always recommend. It is called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. This book talks about how the subconscious is built from when we are born and is being built by your environment and our parents. The experiences that we have as children are experiences that are going to determine and lead us in making decisions with our conscious mind. Where the subconscious is the data bank, basically, of memories that we are going to be using as we go through life. The danger of that is that we are not responsible for the years when the subconscious is being built. There are other people that are responsible for that. Many times, those other people abuse you, mistreat you, misguide you and build traumas that are going to lead you through life. If we don’t make a conscious effort to start finding out what am I? and what decisions am I making now that have to do with the way that I was raised? How am I treating my children? How am I leading my children? For those of us that have kids that is the critical question to ask. It’s one that many of us go through life with. An unexamined life which is going through it if we develop in a way. A righteousness added to that we know it all and we know almost like black or white. We have the answer. None of us have the answer. None of us know for sure things. The things, the actions that we’re taking that are 150% the right actions. An action that could be an action that we took 20 years ago, you know it’s a different action. Today, we look at it in a different way and we say I wish I knew more. Well that could happen at any time in our lives. So when we have this righteous feeling and righteousness, it is impossible to grow and it is impossible to break the vicious cycle. I see families that are so miserable. They are just living life in misery and negativity because they were raised in misery and negativity. They can’t break the cycle because they’re unaware that they are doing this. They are unaware because they think they are right. So today, I am inviting you to reflect on your past. Look at your family, look at your parents and how you were raised. If you were raised in a very difficult environment, most likely you are creating some of that environment. You are bringing it into your current life. If you don’t start reflecting and resetting, it is going to lead into continuing that vicious cycle. So let’s break the cycle today and start taking action.

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