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Learn how to build resilience. 7 tips that will help you
An illness, a loss, an accident, a natural disaster, or a traumatic experience, are some of the situations that test our ability to face adversity and bounce back to move forward. Knowing how to build resilience is fundamental to transforming challenging situations into sources of knowledge and becoming a better version of ourselves. This human ability, which can be strengthened over time, has the following characteristics: – Strength. Those who know how to build resilience not only resist difficult situations but also emerge stronger from them. – Training. Learning to build resilience requires taking action and developing thoughts and behaviors. – Have clear goals. Having clarity about your life’s purpose is important for building resilience. – Allow yourself to feel negative emotions. Being resilient does not mean not feeling negative emotions. It is completely normal to experience this type of emotion, the difference lies in the way you manage them. – It helps you to be happier. Working to build resilience not only helps us overcome adversity, but also helps us to value things more and be happier. Today, I invite you to learn how to build resilience and work to strengthen this ability that can transform your life. Don’t forget, every day you have a new opportunity to strengthen resilience.

7 guidelines for learning how to build resilience

If you often wonder how to build resilience, keep in mind that experience is fundamental in this process and, likewise, the following recommendations can help you. Pay attention and apply them in your daily life. Don’t see crises as insurmountable. If you think that the challenging situations that life throws at you are so catastrophic that you cannot overcome them and you focus on this type of thinking, it is very likely that you will not succeed. Be aware of the difficult situations you have managed to overcome in the past. Embrace change. Although we often become attached to one way of doing things and feel fear when faced with change, it is important to stop seeing the new as something negative and learn to adapt. Change can always bring us positive things. Assume the difficulties as opportunities. Although we tend to categorize difficulties as negative things, they always hide opportunities to learn and grow. Learn to manage your emotions. Surely many of the problems we have faced in life would have been easier to overcome if we knew how to properly manage our emotions. Working to learn to control and manage our emotions is fundamental for our life. Take care of yourself. One important way to build resilience is through self-care. We often care more about others than we do about ourselves. Knowing ourselves well and taking care of ourselves gives us tools to better cope with difficulties. Trust in your ability to solve problems. Take the time to analyze problems and make decisions. Focus on your strengths and your achievements and trust your instincts. Be optimistic and realistic. Maintaining a positive attitude without disconnecting from reality is essential to resolve difficult situations. Knowing how to build resilience will not only help you adapt to challenging situations and come out of them stronger, but it will also make you the creator of your own life. You may also be interested in: 8 steps to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

An unexpected change of plans

We often think we have a guaranteed life, but sometimes life presents us with unexpected changes in the plans we have. We can decide to stress out because our plans changed or be aware that we have the opportunity to reflect and decide what we can do because we are alive. Today, I invite you to reflect on those situations that change your plans, to identify what you can control and what you cannot and to enjoy the privilege you have to make your own decisions even when things change unexpectedly. If you want to know more recommendations to learn how to build resilience, I invite you to listen to my podcast and find valuable tools that allow you to reconnect with self-knowledge and find the strength you have within you.

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