Jealousy is poison! How do I stop it?

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Jealousy is poison! How do I stop it?
Jealousy is poison. How do I stop it? That is the reflection of the day. Jealousy is a destructive feeling that destructive for the inner soul. But in addition to that, it destroys the connection that you can have with some amazing people. I am thinking of how many people have this jealousy of people that are either wealthy people, have great bodies, are very athletic, have financial freedom and when they talk about those people, they end emphasizing all negative qualities. They end up creating stories about those people that are not true many times and the energy that is going into those stories, it’s a completely destructive energy that comes back to you and continues to destroy you. The person that is exercising jealousy. Jealousy destroys the possibility of you actually getting deep with your soul. Getting a deep understanding of why you’re stuck in the areas that you are stuck. So when you look at the people that you are envious of, I want you to reflect on those people that you are looking at and somehow you’re putting them on this pedestal. You think that the achievements that they have gotten somehow, it’s just something that was given to them. For the most part, these people have worked hard to get to have what they have and when you idolize them, you are diminishing your power. You are making them into these, you know, individuals that somehow don’t have any other issues in their lives. They don’t have any of the challenges because they have money or because they have a great body but you don’t know what is inside of that person’s soul. You don’t understand when they close the door what they have to live with. So I want you to think of them differently. I am going to invite you to actually admire them. Turn jealousy into admiration and realize that what you admire is something that can come back to you when you start admiring people for their accomplishments instead of being jealous of what they have. Then, you start getting more of what you want. That admiration transforms your life into visualization of what you really want and when you visualize and you start believing in yourself that this is obtainable, then you start creating what you want. I want you to concentrate on that concept. Visualizing the people that you admire, visualizing that you can have what they have but in a positive beautiful way. It leads you into destroying jealousy and to crushing it into pieces and getting rid of that poison. The poison that is jealousy. It poisons your mind. It poisons your heart and it poisons your soul. Therefore, you create less and less of what you want. This is how you stop jealousy from poisoning your life. Be grateful and be full of admiration for those people that have accomplished what you want. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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