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It is easy to miss the big picture
It is easy to miss the big picture. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was in my office speaking with someone and I was talking about a painting that I have in my office that I love. I look at this painting and it has a lake, trees and many other things. I realized that it’s so easy to concentrate, let’s say, on the lake because that is usually the first thing that you notice of this picture. I translate that into the way that we see life. I think all of us, for the most part, have this ability to concentrate on a part of the picture instead of looking at the unity of the picture and of life. We tend to concentrate on the negativity or the weaknesses of individuals instead of concentrating on the strengths that they bring into the picture. It’s something that I think is almost like we are born with this ability to focus on what is missing instead of what we have. This happens often at work. I can tell you, this is something that I’ve struggled with and I am very aware of it, so I work on it as much as possible with my staff. I try to find a way to see what everyone is bringing to the picture and sometimes I do a great job at it and sometimes I don’t. When we don’t do a good job at it, things start falling down instead of becoming a unity. I think this is also something that we can translate into our lives when it comes to family and our loved ones. We have the tendency of concentrating on the weaknesses so much that the weaknesses take over the strengths. At the beginning of a relationship, we are concentrating on all the strengths that people are bringing to our lives that are more beautiful. But somehow, the negativity and this energy that is concentrating just on the weaknesses takes over and we miss the big picture. We miss it totally! So today as you listen to this podcast, I want you to start thinking of where you are missing the big picture. Are you complaining too much? Look at what would be the alternative. Sometimes when you ask yourself, what will be the alternative, what would be the solution? Say to yourself, you know what this is not bad! Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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