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Is your ego limiting your growth?
How was your ego limiting your growth? That is the reflection of the day. The ego is the leader of our life most of the time. For many years, if we don’t recognize this, we could be experiencing tremendous challenges in our lives. The ego does not allow us to really even listen openly so many times. If your ego is a hurt ego that has been damaged by the scars of life, by the challenges of life, then that ego becomes an extremely important part of your life. If you’re not aware that it is the driver, it is extremely dangerous. I was thinking because I had a conversation, obviously my reflections come from conversations that I have with other people, conversations that I have with myself, and I was having a conversation in reference to the Latino community specifically the dominican community. I love my Dominicans!!! But many Dominicans have very big egos and that creates limitations within the individuals but it also creates limitations within the culture. It’s sad to see because the potential is tremendous but you could have potential and never capitalize on that potential. Because you create this place where you live envious of what other people have and that is a sign that there is an ego issue. When you feel that you want what other people and you are thinking of them negatively because they’ve been able to accomplish what they’ve accomplished, then that is a sign that the ego is dominating you. There has to be a reshifting and it can be done. It is absolutely something that you can take control of. The ego warns you when it is taking over. It warns you because you start feeling judgmental about the success of other people. Quietly as you are listening to this podcast, then I can tell you that quietly you can be sitting at your house and you will know what I’m talking about. Because if you are complaining that this person has success because they got it from their parents or they have it easy or they are just getting lucky, then that is your ego speaking. You won’t be able to learn from what other people have accomplished. You would always create this limitation within yourself and you will stop competing with yourself because that is really the only person you should be competing with. You should be learning from everybody but we should be competing with ourselves and creating a better version of ourselves. By checking our ego, let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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