Is it possible to love toxic people?

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Is it possible to love toxic people?
Is it possible to love toxic people? That is the reflection of the day. Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It does not keep a record of wrongs. It always protects. It always hopes love never fails. That is part of the Corinthians verse 13. Think about this, I was reflecting on a conversation I had yesterday with someone that was asking me for guidance. This person was saying that she’s in love with this other person that actually is emotionally unavailable and is not fulfilling any of her needs but yet she is madly in love. Is that possible? I say it is not. I say that when you don’t love yourself, you actually are susceptible to loving, to thinking that you love, to creating a story that you love those people that are toxic, that hurt you. You create almost like an idolized version of those people where you feel that they’re better than you. The reason you feel that is because you are not loving yourself. You actually are someone in turmoil where you somehow find ways of abusing yourself, of being rude and unkind to yourself. Part of it could be from the programming that we had in our lives. I can personally speak about my programming. I come from an abusive background so I was attracting abusive relationships and people that were emotionally unavailable, that were rude and unkind. But that’s exactly what I was doing to myself. It was not until later in life, as I did so much work on myself, that I realized how I kept attracting the wrong people for me. It doesn’t mean some of those people wouldn’t be good for other people but, for me, they were not good. It was because I was finding ways of hurting myself. Because I didn’t have enough love for myself. So if you are listening to this and you are in toxic relationships, you need to understand that it is not that other person that is toxic and has the responsibility of loving you, it is you that has the responsibility of loving yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you will not be around those toxic people. You will realize that it is impossible to love toxic people. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect. Love yourself more than anything in this world and everything that is love will come back to you.

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