If you learn to love yourself, others will learn to love you

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If you learn to love yourself, others will learn to love you
If you learn to love yourself, others will learn to love you. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was having a conversation with someone that was telling me how proud he was of who I am and what I’ve become. I said, “ thank you, I am very proud of myself as well.” I said, “I don’t mean that, obviously, in a conceited way because I really consider that I don’t have a conceited personality. Not even a small piece of my body is conceited. But I do own the fact that for so many years, I have worked to get to where I am today. I have to acknowledge that I learned to love myself, I learned to acknowledge myself and learned to recognize my accomplishments and not needing that someone else would tell me that they were proud for me to be proud of myself. What a beautiful thing to do. I can tell you that coming from a place where that wasn’t the case and this is what I was telling this person. I didn’t love myself, I didn’t like myself, I didn’t like my body, I didn’t like my mind, I didn’t like my life. And to go from that space to where I am today, where I have learned to love me. Therefore, others are loving me as well. What I am attracting is that type of people into my world that just love the energy. Also the circle of people in my life are people with that same energy and it is beautiful. So today, I want to encourage you to fall in love with yourself, to recognize that in the morning when you get up or during the day or when you go to sleep and you look at yourself, are you beating yourself up? Are you telling yourself negative input, telling yourself how you are not happy with your body, you are not happy with your finances, you are not happy with your spouse, with your children, you are not happy with the car you are driving, not happy with…..and that goes on and on and on. Let me tell you that it is a process that you can begin at any time to be able to start loving yourself. I say that when I started this process, this journey of really falling in love with me and learning to appreciate the life that I’ve been given that I started to crawl out of misery. I started to get up little by little and then I started to walk and I started to run and then I started to get to the marathon level. It is a journey but it is through daily deposits and I keep repeating that. Daily deposits. Reflecting on a daily basis. Recognizing the conversations that you are having with yourself, recognizing if you’re beating yourself up everyday. You are going to attract people that are going to continue to beat you up. We need to stop that! Fall in love with yourself. It’s never too late! You can do this every single day. Make sure that every day, there is not one day that you go by where you do not feed yourself a positive input. Recognize how special you are because we are all born in a special spirit. We are born to be people that are impacting the world. We lose ourselves many times and without really being responsible for it sometimes because when we are born, we don’t have control of our lives. But guess what, if you are listening to this podcast today, you have control of your life. You have control of today! So today, you can decide to start loving yourself. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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