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# I Say No More To Toxic Relationships!
I say, “No more!”, to toxic relationships. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I have been inspired, as I was sitting to reflect on this podcast that I was doing for all of you today. I was reflecting on how my life is full of relationships that are positive, that are beautiful, that are adding so much to my life. I was just in this moment where I was so grateful that at some point in my life I said, “No More” to toxic relationships. But the relationship that started that was the relationship that I had with myself because that’s where it really starts. Where the work needs to be! It needs to start with us because when you think toxic of yourself and you speak toxic of yourself, you create toxic in your life. That’s a powerful concept. If you think about it, when you wake up, how do you speak to yourself? Are you your best friend or your worst enemy? We learn to be our worst enemy. Most of the time, life gets in the way. The challenges get in the way. The pain gets in the way. Our childhood gets in the way. The way our parents raised us, many times, gets in the way and we start creating these negative destructive relationships within ourselves. Then, we start creating destruction in our lives. But, at some point, we can say no more. You start by affirming everyday. Learning to do affirmations that are positive about you. Start loving yourself. Get in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Start seeing the beauty that you bring because, ultimately, we are all here with beauty and with grace. We are graceful. We are humans. We are all a gift to this world but we lose ourselves and we lose our purpose. So being able to start loving yourself little by little, I know it’s uncomfortable. Understanding how smart you are. Understanding how beautiful you are. Whatever negativity comes up, do the opposite and start practicing. In a little while, you’ll start seeing the beauty in yourself because, ultimately, life is a perception. We perceive and rethink and then, recreate. So the same way you created this negative toxic environment, you can reprogram your life to be a life of beauty, to be a life of peace, to be a life full of love and happiness. It is possible! I am living proof that this is possible and I say, “No More” to toxic relationships in my life. What is coming my way is beauty. I am so happy today and I want to share this happiness with you. It is in your hands to go and find your happiness as well. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect!

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