“I feel at peace with my inner child”, María Trusa

"I feel at peace with my inner child", María Trusa
In an interview with CNN’s Guillermo Arduino, María Trusa, founder of the Yo Digo No Más Movement, shared her story of life and overcoming. Despite growing up in a very poor village in the Dominican Republic, in the midst of a dysfunctional family and experiencing sexual abuse at an early age, today María feels at peace with herself. Maria narrated that the first time she talked about her history of abuse was in a documentary that was filmed in the room where she was raped and this experience, besides being very intense for her, produced an immense inner peace because it allowed her to meet her inner child and show her who she is today. It took 47 years for María to be able to tell her story of abuse and after many years of working on her healing process today she feels that the greatest gift she has received was to be able to embrace that inner child and tell her: “Look who I am today. I took care of you, I protected you, I loved you and we are now free and unstoppable.” María’s life story is included in her autobiographical book entitled “Yo Digo No Más” (I Say No More). If you want to see the full interview, find it on CNN’s Youtube channel.

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