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I choose my feelings, they do not choose me
I choose my feelings, they do not choose me. That is the reflection of the day. So, it is a powerful, extremely powerful concept but one that I think we have the ability of forgetting very easily that we are the ones that are making the decision to be sad, angry, frustrated. Whatever the feelings are, we choose them with the stories that we create in our minds. That is important to recognize and that is why I say that reflecting on a daily basis is something that is so important because then, you’ll start asking the question about how do you feel? Then, you realize that you’re the one making the decision. So, this came to me because I am struggling a little bit with my daughter who is adjusting to this. To the fact that her mother is engaged and that will be married this year and that her life changed so much. So now, it’s not just her mother. It is now another person that has to be included and she has to share me with this person. Her idea of sharing is not one that she’s thrilled about. She wants me for herself. There are adjustments that are happening in all of us, my daughter, myself and my fiance. What I realized is that, last night, I allowed Natasha to get me extremely frustrated and sad and I had all these feelings that were sort of putting me in this dark place and I, even, did not do my routine that I normally do with her at night. This morning, also, I was still in that mood of frustration with her. Then, I got to the office and I decided to actually send a video to my daughter. At that moment, when I sent the video explaining my feelings of frustration but doing it from a place of love and the intention of connecting and reconnecting with her, I started to think of how I choose to feel what I feel. The feelings do not choose me. So, I would like you to, as you listen to my story and what I’m sharing with you, that I want you to reflect on when are you allowing your feelings to control you? When are you allowing the feelings to choose you instead of you choosing your feelings? That is the reflection of the day. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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