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How to utilize your cellular phone to organize your life. That is the reflection of the day. I am reflecting on the fact that I utilize my phone so much to organize my life. I depend so much on it and I wanted to share with you the different ways that I do this. I’m going to start by letting you know how I utilize Siri to set alarms. From the beginning of my day, I look at my schedule and then I ask Siri to set an alarm 5 minutes before each of my meetings, either virtual or physical meetings or anything that I remind myself of. I know when an alarm goes on that it means I need to take action. This is something that truly has helped me because I don’t have an assistant. The other thing that I do is I set reminders all the time and I do it verbally. I say, Siri, remind me of calling so and so on Thursday at this time, what the reminder is for and why I am calling this person. You can set reminders for whenever. It could be years from now. I also utilize Siri to remind me of taking medication. I was taking an antibiotic and it is a 12-hour antibiotic. I will utilize Siri to remind me to take the antibiotic every 12 hours. I would say, Siri, remind me to take my medication in 12 hours, in addition to, setting an alarm to make sure that I didn’t forget. Another thing that I automatically do when I park and I pay for parking and there is a limit, I always ask Siri to remind me to pay for additional parking in addition to setting an alarm. That has helped me avoid paying many tickets because we tend to park and then, we forget. But, in addition to that, when I’m driving, obviously, we don’t want to get distracted by utilizing texting and the phone. But if you are just talking and you get so good at it, you are able to just send emails, set alarms and send voice text messages. I am the Queen of voice text messages, my kids tell me. I know that, sometimes, it’s a little annoying but ironically, the voice text messages for me, I believe that it creates connection. It is beautiful when people can hear your passion, they can feel your pain or they can feel your happiness and not misinterpret messages, sometimes, that we send. So there is an opportunity to connect and organize your life. There’s more that you can explore by utilizing Siri, your virtual assistant in your cellular phone. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with organization skills.

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