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How to transform your weekdays into weekend?
How to transform weekdays into weekends. That is the reflection of the day. I was thinking of how many of us have lived most of our lives so excited about the weekend but the Mondays come and we start getting sad. We have a hard time gearing up for the week because we just finished the weekend. Somehow, the only time that you can have fun are those two days Saturday and Sunday. Think about it, how sad in a way it is that we live our lives that way. So the trick is, and this is something that I took on a while ago, that I wanted to make my weekdays just like I feel on the weekends. One of the ways that I’ve done that is that I’ve incorporated everyday of the week something fun that is going to bring me joy and is going to take me out of the routine of work and projects and everything. So every day, I am doing something that I get excited about. At the end of the day, whether it is Monday, Tuesday, whatever day it is, there is something fun that I’m going to incorporate into that day. I will give you an example. On Mondays, I go out to dinner with my daughter and I like to try different foods with her. She’s gotten to the point that she is welcoming other types of food and I look forward to having amazing conversations connecting with her, having a drink and just enjoying myself . So that gives me excitement during the day on a Monday looking forward to that. You can do that every day. Every single day, there is something fun that I’ve incorporated to make it feel like it’s the weekend. So when Friday comes, I don’t feel like, “Oh my God, here I go! This is when I have no fun. Because every day is a gift that we have been given. I was talking to someone and they were telling me how on Sunday, they were on a boat with someone and this person, on Monday night, passed away of a heart attack. That’s how precious and that’s how unpredictable life is. We are here on borrowed time. So if we really understand this concept, then we are able to figure out a way to enjoy life to the fullest. So I’m inviting you to take this on and learn to live every day whether it is a weekday or weekend like it is a day of joy that you are going to make sure you do not waste on complaining. You’re going to reflect, reset and reconnect.

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