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How to protect yourself from those blind spots
How to protect yourself from those blind spots. That is the reflection of the day. So, we all have blind spots, all of us! Blind spots, you know, in my mind, they are the subconscious. The subconscious that we really don’t know. There’s so much of the actions that we take that we are not even able to understand. And in the blind spot, you have the ego pretty much driving. And when the ego gets hurt, the ego can destroy you. The ego can hurt you. The ego can hurt your future. The eagle can destroy connections. So, my advice to you is when you’re going to make a decision and the bigger the decision that it is, like for example, I know this happened to me where I am bringing it to the workplace. I have had people that I have been giving them the opportunity to actually come into the healthcare field and without any experience. This is something that not many places do. But I remember where I come from and I love to help people and I love to find stars that can really blossom in our Medical Center and be able to help them succeed. But what I realized is that people’s egos get in the way where I have a situation where I move people to different places in the office and they get their ego hurt. Somehow, they create stories that this is a demotion or, you know, they don’t understand or don’t want to ask why. Sometimes, they ask why and you can explain but they still create stories. Then, they make quick decisions and they leave,they quit. They’re taking with them that possibility of creating even a career. This is something that you can translate into pretty much every area of your life where you make decisions and you are not aware of your blind spots. One of the ways that I tend to identify when I have blind spot is when my body feels heat. When I feel that I want to make a decision right now, I want to just get this over with. I want to get all my emotions out, all my feelings out and I just want to get it done. Then, you also have anxiety. You feel anxious about the decision that you need to make or the conversation that you need to have and there is also a feeling that I know, for me, happens where there’s a cloud over me and that I cannot see the sunshine. So, all the different signs I’ve learned to take on and I’ve learned to respect and what I do is that I take time to reflect, to reset. I meditate on it. And then, as time goes by and sometimes, it could take a day or two or a little longer before I go and address the situation. Then, I actually end up seeing things a little different and the conversations have better outcomes and my actions have better outcomes. So, when you are trying to rush a decision and you feel anxious and you feel heat and you feel like a cloud is over you, it’s time not to take the action. It is time to sit, reflect and you reset and then, you reconnect. That is the reflection of the day.

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