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How to organize your priorities to obtain maximum results?
How to organize your priorities to obtain maximum results. That is the reflection of the day. I am reflecting on a concept that I wanted to share with you today which is a concept my son, Franco introduced me to. I had this long discussion of how I wasn’t getting results in certain areas of my life and one of them was the connection with my daughter. I was going through a lot with her last year and then I realized that I needed to find a way to make her a priority for me and to figure out how to connect with her. I remember having this discussion with my son. He introduced me to this concept of creating primary priorities and secondary priorities. The concept is as follows. Basically, you are going to choose three priorities in your life that are the biggest priorities and you are going to re-evaluate them every quarter. So I started with the priority of my business. That was number one. Number 2 was my personal mission. Writing my book, launching my book, writing the book in English and Spanish, doing a Spanish audible and working on the English audible. The last one was the connection with my daughter. So I started working and it doesn’t mean, by the way, that everything else sort of stops. It is just that your main focus is that you completely tune into those three areas that you have chosen as a priority in your life. I’ll give you an example. With my daughter, my grandkids became a secondary priority. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to love them less, it just means that for that quarter I will see them less. I might not be able to have the energy and connection I normally have with them because my focus is on three main priorities. Once you recognize that, it is ok to have the discussion which is one that I had with my son that I would see the kids as much as I could for that quarter because I was going to be working on the connection with my daughter. That was going to be number one. To focus on my daughter’s connection was one of the key priorities. The business was going and everything was going. Every moment that I could, I found time to listen to audible books on the parenting books trying to understand my daughter which I probably listened to about five of them in a matter of five months. In addition to talking to psychologists that were my friends. Some that Natasha had seen a while back. I also found ways of spending more time with her and things started to shift. Amazingly! Things started to shift in the business. Many of you that follow me see my English book is done. The Spanish book is done. We are finishing up the audible in Spanish. I created this podcast. I have my website. My social media is growing. All of it because that’s where the main priorities have been for me. It doesn’t mean that other things don’t suffer, they do. But you have made a conscious effort to focus on those 3 main areas of your life. The reason I brought this up today was because this morning I got a message that made me realize how incredible it is to have this concept in your life. My daughter, last night, was a little bit difficult and selfish in her ways. I gave her 4 hours of my time, we went to dinner, I watched TV with her, we did some makeup stuff and she still wanted more. I was getting a little frustrated because I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep. But she doesn’t go to sleep unless I am up. I was getting annoyed with her and this morning I get this beautiful message from my daughter apologizing, saying, “I want to apologize for how I acted. I did act selfish and I want you to know, Mom, that I am learning to navigate this road of life. These are her words, not mine. I want you to know that I am committed to making the changes I need to make. I also want you to know that I admire you so much as a woman and you are an incredible role model in my life. I love what you stand for. I love your movement. I love your book and I am honored to be your daughter. This is priceless to me. I can tell you that I actually enjoy being with my daughter and I look forward to the dinners we have, the talks that we have and the walks that we have. Doing makeup together and now we’ve gotten so creative in finding ways of spending time that is valuable and is connecting us. The results are not just for me. The results that I see on the woman that my daughter is becoming. That is the reason I wanted to share this with you. This concept works. So try it out and reconnect.

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