How to obtain seeds of happiness on a daily basis?

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How to obtain seeds of happiness on a daily basis?
How to obtain seeds of happiness on a daily basis that is the reflection of the day happiness is something that we all strive for we all want to be happy and it seems so difficult to reach that place that peak of the mountain where you can feel happy most of your life we all look for that we all do what we think is going to lead us there but many of us gets stuck and do not know how to get unstuck and we do not know how to start the process of becoming happy cuz it is a process and it is something that we need to work on it doesn’t just come to you i will share with you a few two ways that I found the I found the ability or obtain the ability to be able to have days that are difficult but I never had a day that was a bad day I had difficulties difficult moments during the day because the entire day does not mean to be a bad day and this is how we do it we need to affirm every morning when you wake up you affirm we all do but the problem is that most of us afirm negativity we wake up and we already complaining that we need to Take the bus some of us some people take the bus to work some people have to get up early to go to work I don’t like my job I don’t like my life I don’t like the place where i’m at I look terrible I Have Wrinkles I’m too fat i’m to skinny and we go on and on and on with those negative affirmations and when you wake up in the morning it is as simple as getting in front of the mirror and you decide that you are going to affirm positivity tell yourself how wonderful you are how beautiful you are how powerful you are how smart you are even at the beginning and may seem awkward you create a habit of feeding yourself that positive energy Instead of the negative energy and you start thinking it and you start speaking it and then you start creating it little by little you learn to like yourself every day more and more cuz listen when you don’t like yourself how do you espect others to like you is very difficult the other one is gratitude I have an exercise that i share in some other podcast and i’m gonna share with you again I do this with my daughter and when my daughter is not with me I do it with myself I used to write five things that I was grateful for and is actually if you think about it not that difficult to find because if you look at all that you have and not concentrate on what you don’t have you are you will be able to see it and you get more of what you want so in the mornings or at night be grateful for I’ll give you an example I tell my daughter i am grateful for my business I am grateful for the fact that I get to say good night to you and i can see your face and I can talk to you I am grateful for that I am grateful that I have a comfortable bed I’m grateful that I have at home I am grateful that I have so many people that I love I am grateful for my grandkids I am grateful for this beautiful day that we had today I am grateful for the food that I ate I am grateful for the fact that I have the ability of impacting others and I would continue I could continue giving you more and more gratefulness because we all have a life that is full of gratefulness but unfortunately we don’t we are not present to it don’t stay present to it so today I’m going to invite you to try it out do your affirmations every morning and if you just want to do 2 do 2 look at yourself in the mirror and tell the mirror how smart you are how wonderful you are how beautiful you are how good you are and then make a list of the things that you are grateful for i would advise for those of you who have kids this is an exercise that i do with my daughter every single whether I am with her or she’s with her dad for those of you that know that don’t know me I’m divorced and Natasha goes with her dad and I make sure that i do those grateful gratefulness exercising every single night is a beautiful life we need to begin to see the beauty in it cuz no matter how bad it is there still be Beauty in your life let’s reflect reset and reconnect

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