How to normalize your levels of stress?

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How to normalize your levels of stress?
How to normalize your level of stress. That is the reflection of the day. Today was one of those days where challenges just kept pouring. It was raining challenges today and it started from the beginning of the morning. But one of the things that I realized is that these challenges are actually great challenges. I was looking at them as opportunities. When you start switching the challenges for opportunities, then you start feeling less stress. That is one of the tricks that I want to talk to you about. Look at challenges as opportunities. For me, it started with many. For many of you that follow me and those of you just started following me, I have a Medical Center in White Plains, New York. Our Medical Center is doing COVID testing and we just added Rapid COVID testing. That just added another level of stress but it is good stress because we’re going to be able to help the community, in addition to it being good for the business. But with that came new regulations that we have to follow from the DOH. Then, you’re trying to, I’m trying to look at the ability to open up on Sundays. So I’m hiring new people. Everything is happening all at once in addition to the movement that I talk about “Yo Digo No Mas” that we are launching soon and my book. So I’m in the middle of the day and I’m doing interviews and dealing with business and hiring new people, interviewing people and I also had to fit in going to the dentist for a 2 hour procedure. So as the morning started and I realized how much I have to do during the day, my neck and my shoulders started to get tight. That’s where I get the warning that my body and my mind are going to the stress level that I need to reflect and reset. So what I did was I started to do some breathing exercises and, in addition to that, took the time to do a quick meditation. But I went further than that because I needed it. it got busier and busier as I got back from the dentist and I started affirming. Talking to myself and I said to myself, “ Maria, this is okay. This is going to pass. You’re going to accomplish your goals. You’re going to do whatever you can today and it’s going to be great. Tomorrow, you get to finish whatever you didn’t finish today. But let’s go back and realize that what you’re doing is something great. It is something special. Going back to the concept of concentrating on what I have, not what I don’t have or what I have done not on what I have to do. It is important to be present and utilize the mindfulness tools of awareness. Mindfulness is awareness. So when your body starts reacting to the stress that means that you’ve gone to a high-level stress and, by simply affirming, everything will be ok. This is in you. Relax, you actually lower your voice and you talk to yourself and tell yourself that “Everything will be ok”. “Everything cannot be done today” and admit that everything cannot be done today. Tomorrow, I will be able to have another productive day. I am being as productive as I can and you will be fine. Realize what a great opportunity you have in front of you. That is not a challenge. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect and get rid of stress.

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