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How to master the art of delegating?
How to master the art of delegating. That is the reflection of today. Delegating is a skill that we all need to develop. The people that reach a high level of success are people that have become “Masters” in delegating. I was having a meeting with my staff today, the management team, and I was explaining to them the tools that we need to use to be able to delegate. One of the biggest tools is to ask the question, Do I need to do this myself? Do I need the skills that I have? Do I need to utilize my strength to be able to do this task or is this something that I can delegate to someone that has the skill to do the task and does not have it at the level that I have it? So I’ll give you an example and this is something that I’ve shared with the team. I haven’t cleaned my house for 30 years even when I was someone that was not making much money. I’ve always made sure that I had a cleaning lady and it wasn’t because I was lazy, it was because I wanted to maximize my time. I started to create goals in my life and in order for me to reach those goals, I needed to delegate things that did not need my attention or my skills and doing the laundry and cleaning was not one of them. So instead of cleaning for hours, I would take a course. I remember I took speech communication courses when I was learning how to hire and fire people. I took seminars on this. I read books with the time that I didn’t utilize, you know, in cleaning or doing the laundry. That is a personal thing that I’m discussing right now. It is a personal task that actually led me to be where I am today. Through the years, I have always asked the question, do I need to do that task? Can I delegate that task to someone else so that I can be free to do the things that are going to get me to the level that I want to get. When I look back on my life, even when I was reading the book, I realize that all the people that I have surrounding my life, this beautiful life that I have been able to create, I’ve delegated to them. But also they’ve delegated to me when they needed my level of expertise. This is something that you translate into your business or the place of work. When you ask the question, you start delegating to the right people and you always have to oversee. So that’s okay. It takes a lot less time to oversee than actually to do tasks that do not require your strength or your expertise. So I am asking you to reflect today. Moving forward, if you want to reach another level in your life, what are the things that you are going to delegate that don’t require your level of skill or expertise so that you can be free to get creative and be able to reflect and reset and reconnect with the goals and mission in your life.

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