How to keep your cool when things do not go as planned?

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How to keep your cool when things do not go as planned?
How to keep your cool when things do not go as planned. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was reflecting on how, yesterday, I did my first Virtual Mindfulness Workshop on how to live a limitless life through the power of mindfulness. This is something that I was extremely excited to do and we have worked so hard getting everything ready. I have an incredible team that is totally dedicated to making sure that they make me look good. They gave me great ideas and we worked on the technical structure of the Mindfulness Workshop. The day before, we planned everything out. We worked until 11pm and then, we planned that, in the morning of the workshop, we were going to get together. I want to have almost 2 hours prior to the workshop so that we can practice everything one more time and we can make sure that all the technical components were just working right. That morning, the team had an issue. They had car problems and were running almost an hour behind. They were running behind, so instead of panicking, I decided to utilize my mindfulness tools like meditation as soon as I started to feel a little bit worked up. Because the plan was to be planning and going over exactly how much time every section was going to take and we were going to practice it. So I decided on the facts that number one, I needed to meditate because I could already start to feel the tension on my shoulders and my neck which is where I normally would feel. I normally know when I am going down the road, as I call it. After the meditation, I decided to reflect on how grateful I am that I have people like the people that work with me and how dedicated they are that I was not going to, by any chance, show them that I don’t appreciate it by being upset. When they walked through the door in my home, where I was already set up to do this workshop, I was thinking of “The Power of Now”. I recommend the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle many times before. I go back to that book because once you get to the concept of really understanding, digesting the concept, we can put all the energy on things that we can control. What we cannot put any energy on are the things that we cannot control. Because no matter what you do, you can’t control it. The fact is that no matter what I did, the car broke down and there was nothing to be done at that moment. So, the team took an Uber. That’s what they could do. When the team came over, I had coffee and water ready for them. We started working religiously on making sure that everything went exactly as planned for the workshop. I trusted that I was prepared and that I was going to be completely calm because I am talking about mindfulness and how to utilize mindfulness. The worst thing would be that I am agitated. So to learn not to get agitated when things are not going your way, it’s a beautiful thing. I’ll tell you why. Because when you get agitated for things not going exactly how you plan it, then you start hurting the people around you with your behavior. You lose control. You go on the low road and it’s hard for you to get yourself up and go and switch to the high road. So I want you to reflect on what you are doing when things don’t go your way. Stop for a moment and reflect. Am I going out of control? Am I losing my mind over things that no matter what I do, I can’t change? And, who am I hurting as I am acting out? So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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