How to identify if you are living a superficial life?

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How to identify if you are living a superficial life?
How to identify if you are living a superficial life. That is the reflection of the day. A question that I think we should all ask is not asked often enough because we learn to live a superficial life and get comfortable with. It is almost like we just are living and we are not stopping to reflect. That’s the reason I love doing this reflection, this podcast that I’ve been doing for a long time. Not as a podcast but I would write my reflections everyday as part of my routine. As I’ve mentioned before, it is so important to reflect everyday and ask questions like this one, “ am I being true to myself? Am I really asking the right questions and giving the right answers to myself? Because it all starts with you. All of it! You are responsible for your life and the way that you see it. No one else is. That is the reason asking questions like this one is more important than anything else. So let’s reflect on your honesty and I would ask yourself and I would answer that question privately. Answer the question, am I being honest to myself? What are the different things that I’m lying to myself about that are leading me into living this superficial life where I create superficial relationships everywhere with your significant other, with your children, with your work with people that are around you. You’re living it superficially and you know it doesn’t feel right deep inside of you. Superficially, we create a life that creates anxiety and darkness. It is time for you to ask those difficult questions. Like what am I lying to myself about? Answer that question and you’ll start seeing clarity. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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