How to find harmony into different roles we play?

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How to find harmony into different roles we play?
How to find harmony in the different roles we play. That is the reflection of the day. I was reflecting this morning on how, through the years, I have learned to find the harmony of going from the role as a mother, the role as a girlfriend, the role as a business owner, the role of a friend, the role of a sister, all of that together. How we need to find a way to dance this dance that sometimes is a little bit difficult to do. I want to share with you, sort of the process, that I’ve gone through to be able to find that harmony. I feel that I have found a beautiful harmony in this dance of the different roles that life brings you because we all have them. So, for me, I love going to Vermont and I’m going to share this with you. Many of you that follow me know that I talk about this place that I have in the mountains in Vermont. When I go to Vermont and I talk about how I love to go there because it is a place where I find a way to recharge. But when I go there, I have a different role and the role is usually of a mother or a role of just being a friend while being with family. I find a way to completely disconnect in the way that I disconnect when I go there where I am completely present to the moment that exists when I’m there. I’m not thinking of the past. I’m not thinking of what I have to do when I get to the office. I am just loving the moment that I’m spending with my family and my loved ones. Then, I came to my role as a business owner. Running my business, dealing with the team and from the beginning of me walking into my facility, I am dressed the part and I’m acting the part and I disconnected from what happened the last weekend. You can have flashbacks once in a while because that is normal. Your brain goes there because it’s such a good time but I’ve learned to completely disconnect from what happened because, right now, I am presently at my business and I have to act that role completely and fully present. When you learn to be fully present, whatever role you have, that is where the joy of life is. You get to enjoy life to the fullest. It is a process. A lot of people would say, “this is so hard to do”. It is hard to do but it is a process that we can learn to do. We can definitely get there because I can tell you that I’ve gotten there. It is through those daily deposits of learning how to disconnect and be present. So today, I invite you completely to disconnect when you’re home with your children, disconnect from your work. You will not be able to with your mind. So if you are sitting with your family having dinner and you are just connected to your phone, you’re not playing the role the right way. If your family is trying to talk to you but you’re thinking as they’re talking to you, you’re having a conversation with your children, you’re thinking of what you have to do the next day. Even though there’s nothing you can do right there because you’re not going to take action for your work, you are still connected. Learning to disconnect and be present is key to be able to create those beautiful memories and those beautiful connections with the people we love and also our business that will lead you to success. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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