How to create your own sand dune unbreakable barrier!

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How to create your own sand dune unbreakable barrier!
How to create your own sand dune unbreakable barrier! That is the reflection of the day. As I am driving home doing this podcast and I am reflecting on the ending of an amazing vacation that I had for a week, today, this morning, as I was running on the boardwalk, on the beach, I was contemplating and really amazed by the sand dunes that have been able to be built to protect the houses and the town where I was staying from a hurricane like what happened with Hurricane Sandy. I was thinking of how in life, we need to be able to do the same thing. We need to be able to create our own sand dune barrier to protect us from those hurricanes that will hit us. Ultimately, all of us go through stages in our lives where we might get a little storm and then we might get hit with a major hurricane. How we survive depends on how big the sand dune barrier is and I was thinking of how do you build that barrier? How do you build your own sand dune? I go back to really deciding that you are going to take action towards starting to take steps that are going to get layer by layer built. A very high sand dune barrier. Those steps could be just understanding your pain and deciding if you are going to get help. Are you going to seek for, you know, mental health? Are you going to take a book and start reading a book that will help you understand and help you see things differently? Are you going to connect spiritually? Are you going to create a spiritual connection? Are you taking the steps to get there? Are you waking up every day and starting to build a foundation that is going to get you out of the rut and start building that sand dune barrier? I look back at the years of my life and how year after year, day after day, month after month, I started to take actions to build those sand dunes and you see life differently because nothing can penetrate you. No hurricane can take you completely out if you build strong sand dunes. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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