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How to distract those negative thoughts
How to distract all those negative thoughts. That is the reflection of the day. As many of you know, I have been starting a movement and it’s still in creation. The foundation is not completely ready to be launched but it is going to be launched soon. I had a meeting with a group of people that I’m close to which I felt could impact this movement in a very positive way and I wanted to get everyone’s opinion during this meeting. I got a lot of feedback and some of the feedback where people had concerns. People felt there were going to be many challenges. I’m starting to listen to everybody’s opinion and everyone’s opinion was obviously with the best intentions. Amazing things came out of this meeting and definitely actions are being taken to make sure that we address many of the concerns and challenges some people could see. But one thing that I noticed was that my mind started to very quickly create stories of well, this is going to be very challenging, what about if they are right on this? What about if this doesn’t happen? I started creating all of these limitations in my mind but very quickly, because I’ve been training myself for so long in distracting all of that negative energy which actually creates these limitations in my life, I changed my energy. I want to live a life without limits and I have learned to distract those negative thoughts. It is amazing how soon, in a matter of seconds, you hear someone’s opinion and that opinion starts creating the stories that actually put limitations in most people’s lives. We get so distracted and so easily persuaded into a negative path. So my reflection today and ask of you is to think of those opinions that you are allowing to put limits in your life, in your growth, in your creation. It is your mind that limits you! But the same way that your mind limits you, you have the ability of distracting those negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts and possibilities. Reflect, reset and reconnect!

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