How to create powerful bond with your children?

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How to create powerful bond with your children?
How to create a powerful connection with your children. That is the reflection of the day. All parents want to have the ability of creating a beautiful bond with their children but life gets in the way. We get in the way as parents because we carry within us brokenness and that brokenness is a strong brokenness. It separates us from being able to connect with other people including our children. I had a guest who I actually respect tremendously and I had her on my show, Reflect and Reset with Maria and Gina and Reflexiones con Maria. Her name is Dr. Edith Shiro. I also had my daughter, this was this past Monday. We were talking about connecting with your children, understanding your children, dealing and trying to parent during COVID pandemic. Dr. Shiro mentioned that it is so important to be able to work on yourself as parents. it should be the number one priority to work on yourself as you take on this journey of becoming a parent. You work on yourself so that you can have a stronger foundation for your children that would lead you into creating a stronger connection with your children. I also mentioned that another quality I think is necessary, and I found this to be true with my children, is that I have to say I have a beautiful connection with my children. I’m very proud of that connection that I have. This is something that as I work on myself, I also work on understanding how important it is to respect my children and respect them even though they’re kids. Respect what they feel, respect their fears, respect their wants and that together with working on yourself is what’s going to create a very powerful connection. A connection that would give your children the freedom to come to you as they make mistakes. They get into trouble sometimes and you would be the first person that they go to. I have experienced this with my own children. My son, Franco is 35 and my son, Jeffrey is 31 and I’ve gone through that when they were children, as they grew into teenagers and then into adults. I had the privilege of being one of the first people that they would go to when they got in trouble. They would come and tell me things that I would be “OMG!” No, I did not just hear that. But it was because I gave them the space and the freedom to be able to tell me whatever they wanted to tell me and not act in a disrespectful way with them. So today, I invite you to reflect on the connection that you have with your children and also the connection that you have with yourself, with your core, with your soul that would lead you into creating that impossible connection and make it possible. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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