How to create a stronger relationships with yourself and others?

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How to create a stronger relationships with yourself and others?
How to create a stronger relationship with yourself and others. That is the reflection of the day. What a question, huh? It is a question that I think we all need to strive to answer throughout this journey of life. It is so important to actually try to understand how you can develop a relationship that is a profound relationship with yourself. Once you learn to have that profound relationship with yourself, you actually will start to have more profound relationships with others. Throughout this journey of my life, I’ve been asking that question for many, many years. And I feel like I definitely have found the way to create this beautiful relationship with myself where I have learned to love the woman that I am today. I want to share a little bit of that process with you in hopes that it will ignite in you a little fire to want the same thing. To want this beautiful connection with you, with your soul. It starts with a very important part. The action is to be honest with yourself. Start creating a life that is radically honest. When you are by yourself asking yourself the question, am I being honest with the life that I’m living? Am I portraying a picture of me that is really not the picture because I am afraid to be judged by others. If you think about it, those that are judging are as broken as you and maybe even more broken than you. Because ultimately in life, we all have the same broken foundation. We have a past that was not determined by us. We have our subconscious that was created by other broken people. The more broken those people were, the more broken you tend to be. So there’s more repair to do.But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be preparing yourself and taking that path of restoration in your life and your soul. But you cannot do it if you’re not honest with yourself. If you’re not living an honest life. If you take the easy way out when you make a mistake and because you are afraid you go and you lie and don’t take responsibility for whatever action you took, that was wrong and you lied to cover it up. We start lying very little because of fear and some people just take it to the maximum level of lying because they are afraid. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. It means that you were broken and that you have learned to protect yourself by lying. So in order to build this beautiful relationship, you need to build a relationship with you. That is a relationship that is a difficult conversation. Conversations with yourself. Who am I? How honest am I being? Do I go off the ledge many times? Do I lose control? Do I really have the body that I want? Am I living financially the life that I want to live which is stress-free where I’m creating wealth, where I’m living a life that is not beyond my means. These are all questions I want you to ask. Because, ultimately, those difficult conversations would lead you to a profound, profound love for yourself when you start living a radically honest life and what it does is that you start to attract people that are also like-minded because that is what happens, the law of attraction. You are attracting what you are living. You’re attracting what you’re portraying. You’re attracting people that are on the same wavelength as you. But what happens is as you start shifting that relationship with yourself, those relationships that are toxic and not good for you and they start disappearing and you start getting these beautiful people that come into your world that appear out of the blue without you even understanding it. So I go back to the key of creating a profound beautiful relationship with yourself and it is honesty. Have difficult conversations with yourself and others. If you are living an honest life, then those conversations become easier to have. Create awareness. Live with awareness. Live an open mind. Because if you have a closed mind, guess what, you will be stuck. You will be stuck until you shift that mindset because when you’re closed, nothing can penetrate your mind. You have a perception of your own and you are living a black or white life that leads into sadness and loneliness. That is not what you want. Nobody wants that. I don’t care what you say, nobody wants to be alone and be sad because that’s not how we came into this world. Listen a little more. Listen to yourself and listen to your heart. Therefore, you will start listening to others without creating immediate judgemental thoughts that are preparing you to come back with something for the person that is speaking with you to maybe, you know, fight with the person. Win the fight when ultimately it’s not about being right or wrong. It is about living a life of peace. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with the radically honest life.

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