How to begin to trust again?

How to begin to trust again?
How to learn to trust again. That is the reflection of the day. I was being interviewed and someone asked me, “how did you begin to trust again when you come from a trauma like the one that you came from? How do you trust when you have been let down by the person that is supposed to protect you and love you unconditionally and forever your father? It is a great question. I remember looking back and thinking for a long time, I didn’t trust for a long long time, I did not believe in many of the people that were in my life and definitely I didn’t believe in them because I also did not even trust myself. But as I learn and continue on the journey of healing my soul, I, at some point, decided to try something different because obviously what I was doing wasn’t working. So I decided that I was going to create a foundation where everyone that would come into my life, I was going to trust that they had come into my life for a reason and they were going to do the right thing. I begin to trust myself little by little, more and more everyday and then, I began to trust other people more and more and I got to live where I am now. I, basically, trust the people that are coming into my world and I decided that I could always decide to disconnect if that person got something to ruin the trust that I have with a person. I could always disconnect and it doesn’t even mean that I make them go away and they are no longer in my life because there have been many people that have let me down and I have started trusting them. But what I do is I learn to disconnect. I learned to create a relationship that is more superficial. There are many relationships in life that we have that are more superficial. So we have to learn to be able to just shift the energy and spend less energy with those people that let us down. It doesn’t mean that you need to make them completely go away from your life circle but I have to say that I’ve been able to create beautiful relationships and have a circle of friends that love me and support me and I love them and support them and trust them. I don’t automatically distrust people for little mistakes that they make because we are all broken. We all have learned to lie no matter how bad the lies are. But it’s, you know, little white lies that, at the beginning, people do. It’s okay. You learn to understand the value that those people are bringing in your life and as you get closer and you create stronger connections to those people you’ve actually given that opportunity to, begin a relationship with trust. For me, the experience has been incredible. I have built beautiful relationships. So try it out! You have nothing to lose. You just make sure that you’re attentive to that relationship and the trust that you are giving. If the person really let you down, then disconnect but begin to start trusting yourself. Trust yourself, love yourself and respect yourself and it will translate to the other people in your life. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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