How is your emotional bank account balance? Positive or negative?

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How is your emotional bank account balance? Positive or negative?
How is your emotional bank account? Negative or positive? That is the reflection of the day. I have such a privilege of being a mentor to so many women and men and I get the first seat on the road to see the changes in the people that I work with and it is priceless. It is a priceless experience to see how through those emotional daily deposits, these amazing people become the amazing people that they’re meant to be. I had an experience yesterday that made me reflect on this podcast that I am doing today. It actually was in the morning that I spoke with my mentee and she said, “I’m off today. I feel really off and I woke up off.” Throughout the day, this person decided to face the fact that she recognized that she was off. That’s already a win there and admitting it and acknowledging it is a second win. Then, she decided that she was going to take the deposits that she is used to doing, creating her habits of meditating, of reaching out to me to just vent and to talk or journaling or praying or exercising. Whatever it is, it is that routine that is feeding your soul and your mind. Then, you have to step it up more when you are not in it. It is not centeredness when you’re feeling off. So the irony is, at the end of the day, I ended up having dinner with this mentee and she was already back to herself and totally calm. I said, “Wow, I am blown away!” Because the changes that I’ve seen in people when they start recognizing their brokenness and they start fixing them daily is priceless. So today, I invite you to start recognizing your brokenness and then start feeding it with daily deposits, not taking away because that’s what we normally do. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect!

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