How I miss those hugs!

How I miss those hugs!
How I miss those hugs! That is the reflection of the day. Wow! Today I received a message from a friend, who ended up getting tested for Coronavirus at our facility along with his family, saying thank you for testing us and giving us the results that turned out to be negative after being positive for about a month. I realized that for the first time, this family was able to hug. It brought me so much joy to think that we contributed to this happiness and their ability to connect with a human hug. That is something which is so priceless and yet, sometimes we take those hugs for granted. Sometimes, we let pride and anger get in the way of giving those hugs. Connecting with a simple hug that no matter how simple, it is extremely empowering. Today, when my brother came to actually get tested at our facility for the Coronavirus and the antibodies, I could not hug him. That is why today, I decided to do this podcast on hugs. I realized that I miss them. I miss the beauty of the hug. People get to see you and you see them from far. There is such power in a simple hug. So today, let’s reflect and reconnect with our feelings when we are able to hug so that we don’t take it for granted. If you have someone next to you that is going through this with you, then make sure you give them tons of hugs. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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