How easy it is to lose control during the times of chaos

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How easy it is to lose control during the times of chaos
How easy it is to lose control in this time of chaos. That is the reflection of the day. I was reflecting on a conversation that I had this morning with someone that I love dearly. This person was crying non-stop because the person that was talking to her was yelling at her out of control. It was like this person came out of the body and started, for not a big reason, just becoming something ugly. Something ugly that we all are capable of being because as human beings we have good and bad. We have good and evil, dark and light. All of that exists in all of us. I think what happens is that some people carry the darkness more than others and some people’s darkness comes out greater in times of chaos, in times of the unknown. I was thinking, well this person is going through a lot but you know what that is not an excuse. There is no excuse to be yelling at someone to the point where they are afraid. There is no excuse to be abusive mentally or physically because these are tough times. They are tough times for millions of people and I know this is also part of the reason we are going through such turmoil in society. It’s definitely been escalated by the stress that everyone is feeling from all the uncertainty that we are living. But when it hits so close to home, I am sure you know someone or you might be yourself losing control, I want you to reflect on the fact that there are actions that you can take to be able to control the state of chaos within your mind and soul. That is by finding ways of feeding your soul or loving yourself. Spending time with yourself, trying to really become aware of what is going on within your heart and your mind. Have a date with yourself. Start dating yourself once a week at least. You know, I was talking to my son today. This is a practice that he has and I have that too. I love spending time with me. I see how my son is doing something that I have instilled in them. They find time for themselves because if you don’t nurture yourself, you’re not going to be nurturing others if you think nurturing them is a perception of nurturing. Because when you don’t love yourself, it is difficult to love someone else deeply. So I want you to reflect on your actions during these difficult times that we are continuing to go through and will be continuing to go through. Because this is not over. In the near future, these times of COVID-19 are going to have a major effect on so many people. But I am finding so many stories of abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse. We have to figure out a way to stop it, so start with you. If you start controlling yourself, your life and your actions, the people around you will be affected in the same way. It will be a domino effect. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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