How do you take off those dark glasses that don’t allow you to see the light?

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Quítate la gafa negra y empieza ver claro
Take off the dark glasses and start seeing the sun. That is the reflection of the day. This morning, I was reflecting on the fact that there was a moment where I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. But it was something that I lived with for many, many years. I lived where I felt that I was wearing sunglasses everyday of my life day and night. In the mornings, it got a little lighter and I could see a little bit of the light. In the night, I just saw darkness and that represented a lot of pain. It was a time in my life where there was so much pain. For whatever reason, I am actually reflecting on this trying to figure out what triggered me to go to that space. But what I wanted to share today is the way that I was able to get out of that space very quickly. Number one is being aware that something has triggered you and has put you in a space that you don’t wanna go into. How quickly do you recover from that? I went to do something that is a tool that I’ve used to bring joy to my life and sort of reflect, reset and reconnect and that is to go back and look at pictures that bring me joy. Those memories that bring me gratitude. I was looking at pictures of my daughter when she was born and my children and all the beauty that I’ve been able to create with my family. Very quickly that started to connect me back and I was able to take off those dark glasses and see the light again. I was extremely present to that because for so many years I’ve always equated that moment in my life to wearing dark glasses. Dark glasses do not allow me to see the light and I would never want to go back there. So I want you to reflect today. When you got up this morning, were you wearing dark glasses?

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