How do you know that you have forgiven?

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¿Cómo sabes que has perdonado?
How do you know that you have forgiven? That is the reflection of the day. A very deep question with a very simple answer. You know when you are telling your story, you’re remembering your story and it doesn’t hurt when we don’t forgive. We live a life of resentment and anger. The anger and resentment is, most of the time, not even touching the person that hurt you because those people are not near you. They are not part of your life. Sometimes, you do have people that you continue to be with who are destroying your life. You are allowing them to do it. Forgiveness is the key to opening up your soul. Without forgiveness, you are not taking control of your life. It just doesn’t happen. You need to be able to forgive those people that have hurt you and let go. Let it go because this is destroying your life. You are destroying that person’s life. You are destroying your life. You are giving up from enjoying your present and living life to the fullest because of your past. We have an opportunity every single day to start forgiving. Do not continue to give your power away. Forgiveness is beautiful. Forgiveness is peace. Forgiveness is enlightenment. For me, the biggest freedom came when I was able to forgive my father who was supposed to be my protector. To give me away so that I could be brutally raped. I forgave my father and the man that raped me. I also forgave myself and I opened the window to enlightenment. That is hard to find. Most people don’t find it before they go. I am blessed to say that forgiving these people closed the wound that took me years and decades to heal. I can tell you that the biggest medicine for that wound was forgiveness. I am, today, a woman that is at peace. That peace could not have been possible without forgiveness. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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