How do you begin to heal your broken soul?

How do you begin to heal your broken soul?
How do you heal your broken soul? That is the reflection of the day. I am reflecting on this today because I’ve been interviewed the past few weeks in Spanish and English and I keep hearing the same question. It is a deep question with not just one answer. There are so many different answers for this question. The first step for me is to make a conscious decision that you are going to start heading on the healing road. That you are going to deviate as much as possible from the destruction road because many people live their whole life in the destruction road. They are just either walking or running through this road that is just chaos and pain. They actually carried their families on this road. So when you begin to go into this healing road, not only are you taking yourself, you are taking your generation, the next generation with you. If you have parents, if you are a parent, your children will be traveling this road with you. Even the people that are around you will be traveling this road and they don’t even know it. If you went through destruction, they travel the destruction with you. If you’re in the healing road, they’ll be with you. Think of that concept! How beautiful to be able to say, “I say no more!” I am going to head on the healing road. That is number one. Number two is that you decide if you are running the marathon. You are going to get on this road and you are going to be running a mile a week. When I say that, it is that you are going to start making decisions on a daily basis that are going to get you stronger and stronger every single day. Those decisions could be saying, “I am going to start shifting these negative thoughts and the way that I am speaking to myself. At least once a day, I’m going to tell myself how beautiful and how smart I am and then, I am going to start looking at gratitude.” How do I bring gratitude into darkness when you can’t find it in your own home? Look outside, I keep saying that nature is there for you and it’s completely free! You can get gratitude from just looking at the moon at night. Start understanding that there is a bigger being if you don’t believe in God. I believe in God and that keeps me going. Creating a spiritual connection, whatever works for you. You have to believe in something greater than this life and daily you start taking action. Listen to audible books that are going to bring positivity. Start educating yourself. Start looking, listening to or watching inspirational videos everyday. There are tons of ways that you can start on this healing road. If you’re actually listening to my podcast, then you are somebody that is doing this already. Because what I do is I’m sharing with you my reflections that I do everyday. There, you are reflecting every day because you will be thinking. I’m going to get you to think a little deeper because that is the key. We are going through life. Many people go through life and they’re just going through life on an average flat line. They are not examining their lives. So this podcast is already a catalyst for you to start taking daily steps to win the game. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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