How disconnecting is necessary to live the present?

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How disconnecting is necessary to live the present?
Disconnection- The key to living in the present. That is the reflection of the day. I am here, as you probably can hear in the background, at a lake. They are kids swimming. There are kids playing. There are beautiful trees. They are tall trees. I just finished jumping in the water with my daughter, having fun swimming, being funny and climbing trees. There’s a beautiful breeze and it is just a priceless moment. I realized how many of us, including me, for a long, long time had a really hard time disconnecting, even when I was in places like this. I remember that not only was I stealing the moment from myself but I was actually stealing the moment from my family. To learn to be able to, as the years went by, disconnect completely, disconnecting from work, realizing that whatever is happening is happening. That there is nothing I’m going to do from here because this moment is my moment. This moment is my family’s moment. It is a time where we have been given the opportunity to disconnect to be able to connect and to appreciate the moment. So, as I look at this amazing view, feeling totally blessed as the air is, you know, the wind is just blowing right now. I ‘m sure you can hear it. I am feeling the beauty of nature. How nature is just being present in every way. I’m looking at the wind and the water and the lake. Just like swimming, by itself, is just gorgeous. Being present, it’s like fueling your soul. So, I invite you, today, to find that place where you can disconnect and that when you are with your family, whatever it is, you don’t need to be in a lake like I am but you can be just in your backyard and you are able to disconnect. You could be just having playing cards with your family and the beauty of it is just to be able to disconnect and be present so that you are present to the gift of families and friends and sometimes is just the gift of nature. So today, I want you to reflect on how you are disconnecting when you are with your family or are you staying connected to social media, staying connected to work or staying connected to issues that you are going through. Disconnecting is in your brain. It is in your mind. You have the power to disconnect and continue to be present and not let your worries steal your moment. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect!

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