How can having a good mood be a tool to heal the soul?

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Did you know that being in a good mood allows us not only to live happily, but also healthy? It has been scientifically proven that every time we laugh and are happy about a situation, our body releases all kinds of beneficial hormones that help us heal the soul and keep us happy with ourselves. In life, many times we are presented with difficult moments and challenges that challenge us to stand firm in order to overcome them satisfactorily, and continue with the fulfillment of each of our life purposes. When we live in a good mood, we are more likely to enjoy a happy life, surrounded by positive and healthy energy, which helps us to be much more productive and efficient in all the decisions we make. Undoubtedly, this is a very good strategy to keep us always at 100% and ready to face any kind of inconvenience that comes our way, while reducing the risk of suffering all kinds of physical or psychological problems caused by stress.

Benefits of good mood in everyday life

Have we ever stopped to think about how people who manage to keep their good mood active live? According to several studies worldwide, these people tend to have a greater communicative capacity and are much healthier. In fact, if even right now we were to do an exercise in which we focused on remembering moments of good humor, moments in which we have laughed out loud with family or friends, surely you will feel differently. A feeling of tranquility, well-being and satisfaction will surely invade your body. This is precisely how good humor works in our lives. Some of the benefits that good humor can bring to your life are the following:
  • It lowers your blood pressure, which is ideal for people who suffer from high blood pressure.
  • It regulates cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It strengthens your immune system, since it increases the production of white blood cells that protect your body from diseases and infections.
  • It relaxes your muscles, which helps to minimize tension in your body and muscle aches and pains.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress levels, even improving the symptoms of anxiety.
Good humor is, as I call it, a free medicine that we can all access on a daily basis to improve our body’s functions and attract that positive energy that helps heal the soul and keep us strong and healthy.

How can good humor heal the soul?

When we have traumas that affect us personally, or emotional wounds that we constantly think about, this is automatically reflected in the way we live and relate to others, even affecting our love relationships. To start working on healing the soul of all these types of thoughts, a good strategy is to try to spend more time in a good mood, either by attending laughter therapy sessions, sharing more with friends or family, watching humorous movies, etc. A person when in a good mood can produce more endorphins, which makes them suffer much less than the rest of the people who live under constant stress and worries. Endorphin is a hormone capable of making people relax, controls the previous pressure, helps maintain a good mood, and even improves sleep.

Start changing your mood today

With so many benefits that a good mood can bring to a person, it is not unreasonable to think that staying in a good mood can heal the soul and attract the positive energy that will help you achieve everything you set your mind to, with a vibe of well-being that will help you perform better in every aspect of your life. Interested in more soul healing tips? Listen to my podcast and discover how, through good humor and other experiences, I have managed to recover from past hurts and move forward to achieve the success and satisfaction I feel today. You can do it too!

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