How can BELIEVE work for you or against you?

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How can BELIEVE work for you or against you?
How can “Believe”, work for you or against you? That is the reflection of the day. I was speaking with someone yesterday. After having a long conversation, I’m listening. Every time that somebody speaks with me, I love to listen carefully, attentively and very open to receiving what it is that this person is feeling. I realize that “Believe” because that word for me is a very big word that I like to use a lot and I use it in this formula that I truly feel is the formula of creating that limitless life that you want which is to imagine, believe and create. But I also realize after listening carefully to this person speak that the same way that you use “Believe” to create positivity, you actually use “Believe” to destroy possibilities. When you believe that you don’t deserve that you’re not worthy that you are not going to be able to reach the life that you want. When you feel and start believing that you are this victim, you actually get stuck in creating exactly what you don’t desire but what you’re believing in. That was a revelation for me yesterday when I’m listening to this person and I said, “my advice is the same way that you’re believing that everyone is against you that everyone is doing wrong to you that the reason you haven’t gotten what you want is because of other people limiting your life instead of actually looking at why are you believing this, you can start looking in the mirror and doing the affirmations that are totally the opposite of what you are believing. So, the stories that you are creating and were believing, I would like you to go and take one by one and create the opposite story so that you can get the desired results. Because if you continue to use the word “Believe” to go against you, you’re going to continue to create the life that you do not want. So today, I am asking you to reflect on this word, “Believe”. Are you using it to create or destroy? That is the reflection of the day.

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