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Give support and you will receive support
Give support and you will receive support. That is the reflection of the day. I just finished listening to these 2 men that are very excited about a project that they have been working on this year. They’re producing these short stories that eventually they want to bring to a Film Festival. I was listening to them with the passion, the dedication, the commitment that they have to make this project become a reality. It’s contagious! They left here and I want to figure out how I can support them because that passion and that dedication and that zest for life that I saw in them, it’s something that needs to be supported. As soon as they were talking to me, I’m like, my mind is going on how can I get people to support their vision and their mission while including myself. I got something so beautiful out of that interaction. Number one is that these are people that have supported me when I needed their support and I know that for sure I will be supporting them. I will find ways of getting other people to support their dreams. I thought of this reflection today because I realized how many people in my life I give support to. Then I realized how many people support me and love me. It is a relationship that you create between the people that are around you. That it is based on support, love, commitment. Wow, it creates such a beautiful energy in your life that comes back to you. You can feel it in this podcast as I record my reflection to share with you today. It excited me to just sit here and listen to their passion. Contagious! Absolutely contagious! So my question to you is to reflect on how much are you supporting others that are around you and how much are you being supported. If you feel that you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of people that are supporting you, when you feel that, you know, people are really not there to help you when you need help then, the question should be. “What are you doing? Are you being supportive? Because it is a give and take relationship. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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