Forgotten efforts!

Forgotten efforts!
Forgotten efforts! That is the reflection of the day. I decided to do this podcast as I’m driving because I was so present to the feeling of forgotten efforts. This is something that seems like we, as humans, are built to forget the efforts that are made in our lives. Those that we make or people that are in our lives are making. We have a tendency to forget. I’m going to be telling you the story that actually got me to this reflection. I am driving my daughter to the babysitter and as I’m driving, I’m getting complaints and people from my office calling me that patients are upset because they’re not getting their COVID-19 test results. I was thinking of how we had a situation, as many of you that are listening to this podcast know, where Quest Diagnostics, a National Lab, is going through a major issue with getting the results for COVID testing. It is taking up to 14 days for them to get the results to the patients which is insane because if you think about it, by that time if you have COVID, you already went through a cycle. But not just that, there are patients that need to have surgeries and they need the results in 3 days or they are traveling and need the results in 3 days. So, as I concentrate on solutions, I immediately started trying to figure out how to go to a different lab that was not a National Lab. But it was going to be a local lab or a lab that you know is not a state lab. Another state, even if it’s not New York. So we were able to, very quickly within days, switch to a lab in Michigan. This is a friend of my son that was able to really expedite everything. He traveled to New York to set us up and he loved the mission at Formé. He wanted to make sure that we were able to do these tests. He didn’t care if he was going to be paid. The efforts from their staff and our staff to get everything set was tremendous. In 2-3 days, we had a new lab that was giving us the results in 3 to 4 days. But somehow, that is still not good enough. Even though we made up time and did something that was almost unheard of so quickly, I have my own doctors and patients that are still very upset. Even after, we go through this effort of making sure that the patients that are having surgeries or the patients that are traveling get the results. I was on the phone at 9 yesterday with the lab and then sending the labs to a patient that is traveling this morning but we get yelled at every day by the patients. Even our own doctors are upset that the results are not getting in faster even though we tell them 3 to 4 days. This really made me reflect on how we all do this. All of us have the tendency of forgetting the efforts that have been made to get to a goal. Whether we forget our own efforts and we beat ourselves up or we forget the people that are around us and the effort that they have made for them in making sacrifices to get to the goal of helping us out. Yet, it is so so easy to forget that. That is why I talk about these reflections that I do and I share with you. I’ve been sharing them for probably 2 years now with different people. Now I have a podcast that I’m sharing with a lot more people. It is because I want the world, it is my true desire for all of you, to reflect on a daily basis on things like this. Every day, there’s an opportunity to reflect, reset and reconnect with something that is going on in our lives and understand little by little through the daily deposits more and more everyday. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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