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aceptar el camino
We have to accept that everyone has their own path and their own speed. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I am feeling a little frustrated and I am reflecting on that so that I can reflect, reset and reconnect with myself. The reason I’m feeling frustrated is because I am seeing some people that I have been focused on and trying to empower. I’ve been seeing them go through this path where, for a while now, they have been working on being aware of their brokenness, trying to work on empowering their lives and create a life that has less anxiety, less stress and more focus on their body and soul. I am frustrated because I am seeing little by little that all of the daily deposits that were created are slowly disappearing. I am seeing these people sort of go backwards. They have gone so fast and yet now, they stop. Every day, slowly withdrawing from their account instead of adding the deposits. It’s almost like you feel that they begin to resent your persistence and consistency. I’m finding little comments here and there that it is obvious. They are feelings that are negative and it’s also resentment. So I go back and the feelings are coming from those people towards me. Then, I am getting a feeling of frustration and I am reflecting on how I need to be able to embrace that everyone has their own path that they choose in life. They all have their own speed. How my speed might be much faster than another people’s speed. But the key thing is to figure out how I can continue to help them realize that they are losing the habits that got them to a place of happiness for a while. I also realized how much easier it is for people to go back to that space where they were unhappy and they’ve created all these negative habits that got them to that space. But somehow, it is easier to go back there than to continue working on a daily basis on improving your life. It’s fascinating to see this. I think you know because I’ve done so much more through the years on improving my life. I come from that space where I lived with anxiety for 15 years and I realized that I will no longer do anything to go back backwards. I will only move forward and when I take a step backwards, I am going to take two steps forward. But that is me and I have to be sensitive to the fact that it would not be everyone else. That I cannot do the work for them. They have to do the work. I can only be there to support them and love them. Once in a while be able to give them that tough love. Ultimately, I love these people and I have to accept them the way they are. So acceptance is important and accepting that everyone needs their own path and their own speed is a very powerful tool to continue to connect with people. We cannot force anyone to be what we want them to be or what we see is their potential. They have to see it. We cannot see it for them. We cannot execute it for them. So let’s reflect and reconnect in the areas of our lives with the people that are in our lives. We are doing this so that we are not pushing them so hard that we end up pushing them away. We need to be able to be a little kinder, a little softer. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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