Every day brings a gift. Look for it and you will find it!

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Every day brings a gift. Look for it and you will find it!
Every day brings a gift. Look for it and you will find it. That is the reflection of the day. This morning, I was listening to the audible book “The Art of Living”. This book talks about mindfulness, awareness and living life. Being present to the moment. The moment is all that we have. The last chapter of this book which is where I am at, now talks about how we have, no matter how bad our situation is, no matter how painful our situation is, we have an opportunity to find the gifts that are given to us in many, many ways. The gifts on a daily basis are gifts that we take for granted. For example, the fact that you opened your eyes this morning, it’s a gift. It’s a gift because there are many people that will not and when we concentrate on the fact that you’re able to go to the bathroom, they talked about even being able to urinate. Being able to do whatever you need to do. That is the gift. Being able to walk. Being able to hold a fork in your hands and feed yourself. Being able to go into a shower and shower yourself. Being able to do the little things that we take for granted. To be able to take a candy and put it in your mouth and that candy tastes so delicious. For that moment, you were living the moment of deliciousness through that candy. But if we are stuck on this negativity and we concentrate only on the pain then, you missed out completely on living the moment. Sometimes, we move ahead and we are anxious about what’s coming. When we do that we tend to forget that the biggest gift that we all have is this moment. Nothing else but this moment. So if you are looking for a life with moments at a time, you are able to taste the flavor of it which is beautiful. I know people will say, “Well, this is so hard.” It is hard but what other choices do you have. Do you want to be stuck in a place where all you do is concentrate on what’s not working, on the painful thing that you’re going through right now? I said this before, I don’t want to say I have a bad day, I will have bad moments because that is natural. We will have bad moments. But to look at life when you are looking at bad days, bad weeks, bad months, bad years, you are wasting the life that has been given to you. That is the ultimate gift. So today, I am asking you to be mindful of what you’re thinking in the mornings when you wake up. Are you opening your eyes and looking at God? Another day, another miserable day! Because if you are, you need to reflect and you need to reset because the mere fact that you opened your eyes is a precious gift, the gift of life. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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