Embrace those unproductive days

Embrace those unproductive days
Everyday is not going to be a productive day. Embrace it! That is the reflection of the day. Yesterday, I got back to the office after having this wonderful vacation and I realized when I got to the office, what a hard time I was having focusing on the different projects that I am working on and how someone as organized as myself was having such a difficult time being organized and organizing my thoughts. So as I worked on a project and it took me quite a while to realize that Wow! I need to leave this project. Today is not the day that I choose any project that is going to require so much work and so much concentration. So after I decided to do this yesterday, I was able to focus on the things that were light where I didn’t need to be making decisions that were difficult decisions or were just an easier day. So I gave into the day and I decided that I was going to reflect and reset and let it be. Then today, as I’m sitting here in my office and I’m finishing up my day, I am reflecting on today such a different day than yesterday. I realized that when we go on vacation, sometimes we want to get back and we want to go full force and go back to productivity. We need to be more productive than ever but the mind needs to adjust. The mind needs to give it time to go back to your work routine and to go back to work mode. and it’s okay. So today, I ended up having one of the most productive days. I was able to see so clearly the things and the solutions that I couldn’t see yesterday. It all came to me. It was easy. A project that was taking a few hours, in less than an hour, I had found all the solutions and everything seemed to work and fit. So the reflection, today, that I want to share with you, I would like you to really go back to the many times that you probably have been trying to go against a brick wall to try to break that wall and be as productive as you normally are. Just embrace it! Let it be! Because if you are a productive human being, guess what, that’s going to come back to you and it will come back easier than you expect. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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