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Don’t underestimate the magic in your life
Don’t underestimate the magic in your life. That is the reflection of the day. This morning, I was reflecting on this beautiful sky. I woke up and it was still a little dark outside. I’m looking at this yellow, bright, bright, orange sky as I’m seeing the sun come up and I was reflecting on the fact that there is so much that you can plan in life but part of it is believing in the magic of creation. That we come up with a visualization and we are able to believe and then, we’re able to create. That formula, I have seen it work for me over and over again. The reason I was thinking, this morning, of how the sky, there’s magic every single day and you never know what you’re going to get. You can estimate and the weather channels are always there to guide us but they’re not always right. There’s always magic in the sky. I think of that magic in my life. I’ll give you an example of how something just recently I can see the magic happening. We are planning a #YoDigoNoMas show. This is a show that is part of the movement as you are aware. It is a movement that is fighting against sexual abuse in interfamily and in the Latino community and is bringing awareness to this silent pandemic that is suppressing our beautiful culture. When I was meeting with the team and we’re planning this production of this show “Conversaciones con Maria”, my team was talking about all the plans and then, they asked me, they said, “We need a space to be able to do the production of the show but we want something big. We are having this big idea.” I said to them, “I will make it happen” and started with the plan. Two weeks, not even two weeks later, I have to tell you that we have a beautiful space that has been donated for this show. It gives me such a joy because it reinforces that in life, you should not get overwhelmed with every project that you have because part of it is planning and part of it is the magic of creation. I want you to reflect today on how much you are stressing over something that you started and you think you need to figure every single detail out. Then, because you are so stressed out you actually are less productive. So, if we can learn the formula of letting the magic in your life work, it is a beautiful, beautiful life. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with the magic in your life.

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